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Yorkshire LTA

Yorkshire Tennis (YT) is an unincorporated association set up for the benefit of its members to promote the playing of tennis at the members’ clubs and venues and to enter county teams in all LTA county cup matches (for all age groups).

3 May 2022
Closing date
31 May 2022


  • To provide leadership for the YLTA driving the sport to be truly inclusive.
  • To be responsible for making sure that the Management Committee functions properly and that each meeting is planned effectively according to the Rules (Articles of Association) and that matters are dealt with in an orderly and efficient manner.
  • To provide support to members of the Management Committee, as appropriate.
  • To represent the YLTA in external meetings and events, save where the President undertakes such representation.
  • To evidence the values of the YLTA and encourage others to so demonstrate as well.
  • To attend relevent formal meetings of the Association, LTA or LTA Regional Volunteer Forums.
  • To ensure the Management Committee is aware of any issues relating to the above.
  • To work with other Management Committee members to carry out key responsibilities of the
  • Management Committee which are:
    • To clarify and focus on the direction of tennis by creating an annual plan, prioritise its actions and to resolve any obstacles.
    • To provide the necessary direction required in terms of resource allocation (both volunteer and paid).
    • To ensure effective and relevant communication to all key stakeholders.
    • To oversee commercial interests of the organisation, ensuring sufficient funding/revenue is available, constantly review the allocation of the funding, consider additional sources of funding and to be responsible for ensuring that high levels of financial control are being followed.
    • To ensure that a constructive and productive relationship is maintained with the LTA and to ensure that the interests of the County are being represented.
    • To ensure that any changes or new initiatives/priorities from the LTA are communicated effectively to the Management Committee and to the relevant stakeholders.
    • To act as final arbiter on any differing points of interest and to act as final decision maker in the best interests of the organisation.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Chair the Management Committee meetings.
  • Verify the decisions are made correctly with a casting vote if necessary.
  • Ensure that all Management Committee Members are notified of meeting dates.
  • Ensure that all Management Committee Members have the necessary meeting documentation.
  • Ensure that all Management Committee Members are aware of any tasks or actions that the Management Committee requires and that the members have agreed to carry out.
  • To represent the Management Committee and report to Council (if there is one in place), at the AGM and other formal meetings and occasions of the Association.
  • To recruit, motivate and train a number of self-emplyed administrators
  • Ensure a skills audit is carried out annually to aid recruitment and succession planning.

Skills and knowledge

  • Ability to Chair meetings effectively.
  • Ability to create a culture of trust, diversity and inclusion within the Management Committee.
  • Effective organisation, communication, diplomacy and presentation skills.
  • A wide appreciation of movements in society and the position of tennis as a recreation and sport within it. To fully embrace the principles of inclusion and diversity in all YLTA activities.
  • Knowledge of tennis and tennis club management, and of LTA strategy and activities.
  • Some knowledge of Performance Pathways for players in the age range of 7 to 14 years old.
  • Ability to work in a team and motivate others.

Person Sought and Time Commitment Required

  • The position is voluntary, and expenses will be paid in accordance with YLTA policy.
  • The average time commitment required is typically 4+ hours split over a week with evening meetings up to 9 times a year. A significant percentage of the work can be carried at a time of the Chair’s discretion.
  • Meetings are held both virtually and in-person.
  • A self-employed administrator assists the Chair arranging meetings, agendas, minutes and general duties and correspondence.


  • The YLTA has set up a Nominations Committee to make this appointment which will require ratification by the YLTA Council. (After incorporation, such appointments will be made by the Board).
  • Applications are invited by 5pm 31st May 2022 to the present Chair.
  • A shortlist of candidates will be invited to attend a virtual interview on a date to be specified in June.
  • An in-person interview will be held on a date to be agreed for the final (two) candidate(s).
  • The nomination of the recommended candidate will go forward to the YLTA Council for approval on 18th July 2022.

To Apply:

  • If you're interested in this role, please click 'Apply Now' to contact the present Chair, John Crowther, for further details.

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