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Non-Executive Director (Finance)

Welsh Triathlon

Welsh Triathlon’s purpose is to develop a triathlon community that enhances the well- being of current and future generations in Wales. Our vision is to enhance well-being in Wales by driving a successful, accessible, and inclusive sporting community.

4 May 2022
Closing date
6 Jun 2022

Job Role:

Welsh Triathlon is one of the three Home Nations of the British Triathlon Federation. The three Home Nation Associations (the other two being Triathlon Scotland and Triathlon England) are responsible for all aspects of triathlon in their respective countries and contribute to the work of British Triathlon.

Triathlon is a fast growing sport gaining in popularity and profile both Nationally and Internationally. To assist in achieving its purpose, Welsh Triathlon is seeking to appoint a Non-Executive Director (NED) who will broaden the skills base and diversity of the Board and support the next stages of growth of this dynamic organisation.


Fiduciary Duties

  1. To act in accordance with the Company’s constitution, and to use powers only for the purposes for which they were conferred;
  2. to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its members;
  3. to exercise independent judgment;
  4. to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence;
  5. to avoid conflicts of interest;
  6. not to accept benefits from third parties;
  7. to declare to the Company’s other directors any interest a director has in a proposed transaction or arrangement with the Company, this is a new duty of disclosure.

Directors' Obligations

8. The Director shall:

8.1. attend all Board meetings called during the year unless prevented by exceptional circumstances;

8.2. act as a member of such Committees of the Board as the Board shall decide, attending all meetings unless prevented by exceptional circumstances;

8.3. place on the agenda for meetings of the Board or Committees any matters relating to the Company's business which the Director considers should be discussed including but not limited to the matters stated to be decided by or referred to the Board.

Board Obligations

9. The Director will:

9.1. ensure that the decisions of the Board are fully, promptly and properly carried out;

9.2. challenge and contribute to the development of strategy constructively, specifying key outcomes and resources available, and monitor progress of the Company in implementing the strategy;

9.3. scrutinise the performance of executive staff in meeting agreed goals and objectives and monitor the reporting of performance;

9.4. satisfy themselves that the integrity of financial information and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible;

9.5. ensure that they are consulted upon and the Board decides the appointment, dismissal and remuneration of senior staff;

9.6. ensure that they are consulted upon and receives adequate information in a timely fashion about the finances, proposed strategy plans and activities which would have a Material Effect on the Company;

9.7. ensure that they fully understand:

➢ the business of the Company and its services;
➢ the sport and territories in which the Company operates;
➢ the roles of staff in the Company;
➢ the Company's organisation, structure and methods of working;

9.8. ensure that they understand the views of Welsh Triathlon Members, major funding partners and sponsors;

9.9. insist on a comprehensive, formal and tailored induction;

9.10. seek continually to develop and refresh knowledge and skills to ensure any contribution to the Board remains informed and relevant;

9.11. ensure that any concerns which cannot be resolved about the running of the Company or a proposed action are recorded in the Board minutes; on resignation provide a written statement to the Chair, for circulation to the Board, with regard to any such concerns.

Personal Obligations

10. The Director will:

10.1. ensure that they comply with all their obligations as a Director required by law, the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, decisions of the Council approved in a general meeting;

10.2. obtain independent professional advice at the Company's expense should they consider that this is required in order to enable them to discharge their duties as a Director provided that they first obtains the permission (not to be unreasonably withheld) of the Chair who shall promptly report such request to the Board;

10.3. disclose immediately any personal interest in any activity of the Company and take no further part in any Board or committee discussion of the matter;

10.4. accept such outside appointments as shall be agreed by the Board:
➢ to be compatible with the Company's demands on the Director's time, and

➢ not to be detrimental to the interests of the Company.

Additional Portfolio Responsibilities

Non-executive Director for Finance

11. The Director will:

11.1 Attend Board meetings as the Finance representative and be prepared by reading relevant papers and policy documents that require discussion or a decision;

11.2 provide leadership and expertise within the area of Finance;

11.3 present finance report at Board meetings and ensure income and expenditure report versus budget is read and understood;

11.4 be able to satisfy themselves that effective financial systems and processes are in place to ensure that satisfactory controls are in place, accurate records are kept and that the requirements of probity and propriety are met at all times;

11.5 ensure that the Finance elements of the Governance Policy are understood and adhered to;

11.6 ensure that the Finance elements of the four year plan are reviewed and updated annually and form the basis for monthly budget monitoring.

Key skills, experience and qualifications required:

  • ➢ Experience as a Director, Trustee or Committee Member in either a commercial, voluntary or public sector context;
  • ➢ established reputation as a leader and strategic thinker in either a commercial, voluntary or public sector context;
  • ➢ significant experience of operating at a senior level in a strategic capacity;
  • ➢ a sound working knowledge of the sport and the public and private sectors;
  • ➢ ability in partnership working and relationship management;
  • ➢ able to build and maintain strong, transparent relationships with key stakeholders;
  • ➢ strong intellect and analytical ability; innovative thinker and ability to focus on the issues to be dealt with;
  • ➢ strong decision making skills that allow informed decisions to be made on a variety of matters.

Behavioural competencies and qualities required:

  • ➢ Strategic perspective, vision and ability to work positively within a team;
  • ➢ drive and commitment and the ability to demonstrate this to others;
  • ➢ strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop effective, sustainable partnerships;
  • ➢ selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership (Nolan Principles);
  • ➢ commitment to the sport and organisation;
  • ➢ dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic;
  • ➢ resilience and ability to make things happen;
  • ➢ a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort;
  • ➢ a willingness to be an ambassador for the organisation and the sport;

Specific Portfolio Skills, Experience and Qualifications:


➢ a professional qualification in accountancy (ACA, ACCA, CIMA or equivalent);
➢ good Microsoft Excel skills;
➢ experience dealing with Accountants, tax advisors and finance related authorities;


➢ experience of working in the Finance area within organisation in either the private or public sector;

➢ experience managing budgets.

Welsh Triathlon is committed to equality of opportunity for all and applications from any suitably qualified persons are encouraged.

Application Process

This role will be available from June 2022 with a transition period beforehand. Please contact the Chair at [email protected] if you would like an informal discussion about the roles.

To Apply

Please click 'Apply Now' to submit a covering letter and CV by the Monday 6th of May 2022, 5pm if you would like to apply for the vacancy.

Interviews will be conducted on the 20th of June 2022.

Welsh Triathlon is committed to equality of opportunity for all and applications from any suitably qualified persons are encouraged. Details of our Equal and Diversity Policy can be found here.

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