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Head of Digital, Brand and Communications

Motherwell FC

Motherwell Football Club is a Scottish professional football club based in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, which plays in the Scottish Premiership

4 Mar 2022
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Motherwell FC is something a little different from the football norm, and we need a new Head of Digital, Brand and Communications to help us tell the world about it.

We need an individual who will shape, direct and deliver the club’s external communications strategies. You will lead the club’s award-winning digital team, marketing team, our new data/CRM team and our various publications, as well as continue to evolve our brand.

But we don’t just want anyone who may have the requisite qualifications and experience or someone who loves football. We want a person who truly believes in this sport the way we do and wants to inspire others to feel the same and be a part of our journey.

Motherwell FC is a Scottish Premiership football club that has won every major domestic honour in Scotland at some point in our history. We were the first top-flight fully fan-owned football club in Great Britain with a fantastic supporter base that’s loyal, generous, colourful, boisterous and passionate.

We want to be a club that wins football matches and puts on an entertaining show for those fans every game. However, as equally important to us is what our football club stands for, who we represent and the values and principles that define us and why we exist.

We are both a football club and a cause, and that cause is to improve the lives of the people we engage with, whether that’s our supporters, our neighbours, community, or anyone who needs it. We shine a torch on issues that may be taboo, be it on mental health, suicide, poverty, unemployment or social inclusion.

We believe passionately in using our highly engaged public platform to help people and make a positive difference each day. We don’t just say it because it looks and feels good. We do so because we genuinely believe it, and it means a lot to our supporters and us. Therefore, it’s vitally important that the people charged with shaping and telling our story publicly fully believe in why we do what we do too.

We have forged a culture at the club that pairs the need and desire for a highly professional sporting environment that encourages excellent performance and player development with a real visible social conscience. It’s what we think makes us stand out from the others, and it is football how we believe it should be.

If you share that mindset and agree with our beliefs, and think you can help us tell that story and inspire people, this could be the job for you.

But, the hours can be long and challenging. When the initial glamour and excitement dissipates, it can be mentally tough, particularly with big shoes to fill. The pressures and expectations can be challenging to cope with, and any mistakes are made in the public eye. You may even have to drop everything you’re doing and immediately jump into work mode, as the world of football rarely sleeps. You will also need to get your hands dirty. This role is a much a doing one as it is a leadership one. It’s a bit cliché, but no day or challenge will ever be the same.

If you see all those things as challenges to overcome rather than barriers, and you thrive in that type of fast-paced environment, you will not only love it, but more importantly, you can help us shape something unique and tell a wonderful story that will showcase the best elements of the beautiful game, and we want you to be on our team.


The most important thing is you can do the job well and have a passion for what we stand for, whether that’s because you’ve been through a higher education programme or because you’ve worked somewhere to build up that knowledge. Or both. We’re open-minded.

We want someone with a solid work ethic and obsessed with improving what we do. We are looking for someone to continue our work, but who can also make their stamp on the role, the department and the club, but you’ll also be pushed hard and challenged.

We are looking for someone who is goal orientated and will ensure whatever task is appropriately planned, executed, and completed. And we are also looking for someone who can bring the best out in staff, empowering them to work autonomously while also supporting, guiding and helping them develop.

The day-to-day also includes managing internal relationships, video editing and approval, writing copy, social media posting, analysing trends and data using Blinkfire Analytics, and paid social and email marketing, so we are looking for candidates with relevant experience or an aptitude for those tasks as well.


A big part of our strategy to retain our supporters, keep them interested and captivated as well as gain new fans is by creating engaging and captivating digital content that people not only enjoy but relate to and, importantly, ties in with the values and principles of the club.

We have grown our digital footprint beyond all recognition in the last four years. We are currently the fifth most followed professional football team in Scotland across the five major platforms. We are closing in on being the biggest online outside of Celtic and Rangers. We want to continue that upward trend and will work with you to set ambitious targets on how we continue to produce the sort of content that is not only enjoyable for our most loyal supporters but to those who might take a growing interest in the club.

Our productions in video, graphics and photography are taken care of by our exceptionally talented staff. We would look to you to have experience in managing the three, particularly video, with an ability to shape projects, participate where necessary, and also ensure the final products are of the required standard.

We have also recently partnered with CRM providers Sports Alliance to ensure we give our fans the most appropriate content and information tailored to individual fans’ needs and wants. For that, we will need to resource the new department properly. One of your first jobs will be to ensure we have talented provision within marketing and data analysis to help us achieve our growth targets in both season ticket numbers and matchday attendances.

We are also at the stage of needing to develop a new website which is fit for purpose for engaging our current support, providing services to our fans and also attracting new ones. You’ll also be at the heart of the project to develop that with external agencies.

We want to maintain and continue to grow a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with the Scottish media. Motherwell FC views the media as partners and colleagues. We want to be recognised as a welcoming, helpful, and respectful club to deal with whilst maximising our exposure to deliver our message and core purpose and drive real value for our sponsors and partners. A big part of your role will be to maintain a healthy line of communication between the club and the Scottish press. You will be our figurehead, spokesperson and point of contact.


To give you a flavour of what we’re about, here are some of the various pieces of digital content that we’ve created over the last few years, showcasing the stories that we tell and the access we have.



Motherwell FC places a huge emphasis on this area of the business. As such, we think the package, including performance-related bonuses, on offer will be highly competitive, and we would be happy to speak in confidence to any potential applicant about the parameters.


Please click 'Apply Now' to submit a CV and a cover letter to Alan Burrows. We want to know what experience you can bring, what you know about us and what you think is necessary to drive us on to the next level.

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